Redooor is a software design company in Singapore since 2013. It was founded with a passion to bring greater user experience using modern web and mobile technology to Singapore.


Building beautiful user interface is important, but more often than not, businesses do not put enough emphasis on user experience design.

In Redooor, we make sure our users have a pleasant experience while interacting with the beautiful interface.

Best-in-class Frameworks

In Redooor, we choose all frameworks carefully for customised solutions. We love working with popular open-sourced frameworks because they’re actively maintained and provide Long Term Support (LTS), such as Laravel, Reactjs, React Native, Materials UI and Bootstrap. We’re also capable of mature languages such as Ruby, Python and .NET C#.

Project Management

While our designers and developers are carefully picked to work on your projects, we also provide project management service to help our clients manage their outsourcing work from offshore third-party development companies. Our project managers will handle all the requirement gathering, scoping and communication for development work.

Andrews Ang

Founder & Director

Redooor works with our clients to turn their ideas into reality. Our focus is on web technology and we hope to bring the best user experience for our clients and their clients.
In Redooor, we aim to do more than design.

New way to work, and shop

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to implement remote working for their employees in a bid to curb the outbreak. The culture of working-from-home will be here to stay, and thus it is especially crucial for small and medium businesses to prepare the infrastructure for remote work and online presence.

It is the best time to review your website and online store now then ever.

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