A Laravel 5 package as a flexible content management system for developers. Suitable for building Ecommerce sites.

Gives you ability to add, edit and remove category, product, promotions and many more. Provides User Interface for administrating users and groups.


Free for freedom.


RedminPortal was initially created in-house by Redooor as a Laravel 4.1 package to allow parallel development of several clients at that time.

We needed a framework that offered Model-View-Controller approach to allow rapid prototyping and development. As we grew to love Laravel, we began to appreciate the benefits of open source projects. That's when we decided to open source RedminPortal.

RedminPortal is purely a backend administrating tool because we want to leave the frontend to the designers and developers. It has been designed to be easily customised to suit any needs.

RedminPortal is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Customised web applications based on RedminPortal.


Payroll System

Upload the payslips and let your employees access it, anywhere.

Ticketing System

Organising a Parent-meeting session? Let them book their slot, anywhere.

Reading Portal

Make reading a joy. Let your students submit book reviews, anywhere.

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